Monday, March 24, 2008

The IT girl prayer

When man had created god in his own image

The Girls Prayer

Our cash

which art on plastic

hallowed be thy name

Thy Cartier watch

thy Prada bag
on line
as it is in stores

Give us each day our platinum Visa

and forgive those that stop us spending

and lead us not unto Louis Vuitton
or thine is the Gucci
the Dior
and the Armani
for Chanel NO.5 and Eternity


Another version

The Girl's Prayer

Our cash,

which art on plastic,
convenient be thy game,
thy Rolex watch,

thy Roxy bag,

online as it is in store,

lather us each day with Kerastase,

and moisturise with L'Oreal,

and let us know we are worth it,

for thine is the Wheels,

the Doll and the Baby,

for her envy forever,


with warm regards

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